Varsity Cheerleading Resources

Cheerleading Resources

Since 1974 Varsity is the authoritative cheerleading resource for everything related to cheer and dance. Cheerleaders across the nation have come to depend upon Varsity for the best cheerleading information and dance resources. We've included below some of our favorite cheerleading and dance resources from the archives.

Cheerleader Dictionary - everything you need to know about the language of cheerleading. This is a great resource.

How to Choose a Cheerleading and Dance Competition - "Competition plays an important role for many cheerleading squads all across the U.S. and abroad. But, selecting the best competition for your squad can be a complicated and intimidating task because of all the different companies and institutions that host cheerleading events."

Effective Cheer Practices - "Having an effective cheer practice is about more than trying to figure out who to put where in the routine."

Preparing for Competition - "While every squad approaches competition from a slightly different angle, there are a few points that shouldn't be overlooked by anyone.  Here is a general checklist to use as you prepare for competition."

Cheerleader Partner Stunt Professions - "Cheerleading partner stunts, as in other gymnastics-related activities, should be taught in natural progressions from easy to hard and low to high.  Why should your squad learn in progressions and not just certain desired stunts?"

Planning for Private Cheerleading Camp - "...Private camps are just as valuable, if not more, than an overnight camp in terms of squad bonding and individualized attention."

Preparing for Cheerleading Camp - "Tryouts are over, but a new year with a completely new squad is just getting started.  You've had your Varsity rep fit the team for uniforms, and you've signed up for camp with your territory manager....What now?"