UDA 2015

UDA 2015

UDA Staff Training Jerica Robinson- LA Staff



Travel Day

It's travel day for staff training and we are all set for our road trip. The morning of travel, some of Louisiana staff met at Olive Garden so that we could set sail for Alabama. After an adventurous 5 hour drive, we finally arrived to the University of Alabama at Birmingham. We couldn’t wait to get the week started!


HI & Rookie Day

It was the morning after we arrived and we were ready to get the show on the road. Introducing to you, some of your 2015 UDA Staff!

HI & Rookie training day was a huge success! Just to name a few, we spent the day going over: coach’s seminars, teaching routines, drill downs, and much more. After a long and hardworking day, the head instructors and rookies feel pumped about the summer!


Day 1

It may be day three for us, but it's only the true first day of staff training. We met up with the remainder of our staff and started our day off with a delicious breakfast and good company.

The staff spent all day training for UDA camp and learning countless material and routines to teach you all summer. The day would not be complete without voting on Region of The Day! TX and LA staff received this award. It’s a lot like “The Super Spirit Stick” that teams receive at camp each night. We were awarded for our hard work and dedication on day one. 


Day 2

We were so ecstatic to have started the week off as "Region of the Day!" This morning Louisiana staff decided to bring their mascot, Beaux, along with us to training. This is a fun tradition that LA/TX staff started a long time ago and we always look forward to this every year. Be on the lookout for Beaux this summer... he may be attending a camp near you!


Day 3

Staff loves this part of training every year. We get to have our very own “Crazy Night” like you do at camp. Check out these pictures of LA/TX staff playing Freeze Frame. (one of the fun games you will get to play this summer)

Our theme this year for Crazy Night is music, so be sure to dress up as your favorite rock star, music artist, genre of music, or even decades of music. Get creative! 


Day 4

The final day arrived of training and it was an amazing week, to say the least. On final day we spend our time recapping on everything we have focused on over the week to make sure we make the UDA camp experience the best it can be. We are so excited to get out there this summer to teach you and your team!