We pride ourselves in providing the overall
best experience for participants, coaches, and parents.


We pride ourselves in providing the overall best experience for participants, coaches, and parents.

About Our Competitions

Varsity Spirit created the first high level cheerleading competition in 1980, the National High School Cheerleading Championship, to reward cheerleaders for their work on the sidelines and to create a venue in which they could be recognized for their talents and abilities.

Since then, Varsity Spirit has produced thousands of competitive events for cheerleaders and dancers. Varsity Spirit competitions, whether at the state, regional, or national level, are held to the highest standards.

Universal Cheerleaders Association

  • Founded in 1974 by Jeff Webb, UCA created the first actual national competition for cheerleaders, the National High School Cheerleading Championship (NHSCC), in 1980. Today, UCA holds over 50 Regional Qualifier events leading up to the National High School Cheerleading Championship, making it the most prestigious National Championship in the country. There are over 640 teams from 38 states who compete at the event.
  • UCA also administers the College Cheerleading National Championship (est. 1983) and the International All Star Championship (est. 1996) at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
  • Championships are broadcast worldwide on ESPN and ESPN2.
  • Based in Memphis, Tennessee.

National Cheerleaders Association

  • Founded in 1948 by Lawrence "Herkie" Herkimer, NCA was the first organization to host a competition for All-Star teams in 1987. Today, the NCA All-Star National Championship is the largest and most prestigious of its kind with more than 36,000 participants vying for a title.
  • NCA hosts the NCA Senior & Junior High School National Championship (est. 1981) in Dallas, Texas.
  • NCA also hosts the NCA & NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship (est. 1981) in Daytona Beach, an event that is the largest of its kind, attracting more than 200 teams from 35 states.
  • The All-Star National Championship and the Collegiate National Championship are broadcast nationwide on CBS Sports Network.
  • The NCA Corporate Office is based in Dallas, Texas.

United Spirit Association

  • USA was founded in 1950 by Robert Olmstead.
  • USA administers five different major competition events catering to all age groups, experience and ability levels. These events include: USA Junior Nationals (est. 1997), the only Varsity event strictly for junior high, middle schools and youth groups; USA All Star Cheer and Dance Championships (est. 1995), the largest All Star only event in the western United States; USA Dance Nationals (est. 1986); USA High School Spirit Nationals (est. 1986); and USA Collegiate Championships (est. 1994). USA's Nationals and Championships events take place on the west coast in Anaheim and Los Angeles, California.
  • At USA, each competition season is preceded with a judges' training to ensure that each team receives valuable and constructive comments, both written and via audio critique.
  • USA is based in Cypress, California.

Universal Dance Association

  • Founded in 1980 by Jeff Webb and Kris Shepherd, UDA offers the widest variety of competition dates and locations throughout the US. UDA Competitions provide Dance Teams a positive atmosphere to perform and compete in while getting feedback on their performance from a professional panel of UDA judges.
  • Dance teams can compete in up to two categories for one registration fee. Teams can compete in the Jazz, Pom, Hip Hop or High Kick category.
  • UDA created the National Dance Team Championships (NDTC) in 1985. The NDTC is the largest dance team event of its kind. The NDTC takes place in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
  • UDA also administers the College Dance Team National Championships for the top collegiate dance teams in the country. College Dance Teams can compete in the Dance or Hip Hop categories.
  • The College Dance Team National Championships and the National Dance Team Championships are both broadcast worldwide on ESPN and ESPN2.

National Dance Alliance

  • Founded in 1976 by Lawrence "Herkie" Herkimer, the NDA National Championship was first held in 1985 as the NCA Superstar Pom Pon/Songleaders National Championship. Today, the NDA National Championship for school dance teams is held at Hard Rock Live at Universal CityWalk in Orlando, Florida. The NDA All-Star National Championship is held in Dallas, Texas.
  • NDA offers a variety of divisions and styles such as; pom, jazz, hip hop, team dance and kick.
  • Hosts the NCA & NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship (est. 1981) in Daytona Beach, an event that attracts more than 200 teams from 35 states and is televised on CBS Sports Network.
  • Based in Dallas, Texas, NDA is the sister company of NCA.

The Summit

  • Founded by Varsity All Star & its collaboration of Brands, in 2013, The Summit was originally created solely for the best cheer teams from across the country. The Summit provides a unique experience for youth, junior, and senior levels in non-Worlds divisions to face-off in a live competition hosted at the Walt Disney Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
  • In 2015, The Dance Summit was developed to create an exclusive end-of-the-year championship for dance teams across multiple categories.
  • In 2016, the D2 Summit, for gyms with 125 athletes or less, was produced for our small gym programs to reach their peak across youth, junior and senior divisions.
  • Our Summit Championships continue to grow offering multiple paths for teams to have a competitive, prestigious and celebratory end to their season. Teams who wish to compete at these events must vie for a bid at select Varsity All Star events.
  • Based in Memphis, TN.

All Star Challenge

  • Founded in 2000 by Don Collins, All Star Challenge events feature uniquely themed professional sets at each location.
  • Innovative instant "TIVO" system that replays performances immediately for all judges.
  • "Super Divisions" combine the scores of teams of the same ability level and similar age level to create mini championships within the competition. These winners receive cash prizes.
  • Over 50 "Outstanding Achievement Awards" offered in specialty areas at each competition.
  • Winners receive National Champion backpacks.

All Things Cheer and Dance

  • Founded in 2005 by Jibreel Rayam and Sean Evans. Under the direction of Jameel and Jibreel Raym from 2006 onward. Focused on high quality cheerleading and dance competitions on the West Coast of the USA.
  • "Competition of the Starz" featuring the red carpet experience for Athletes & VIP treatment for coaches and spectators unlike anywhere in the industry. All events offer a sleek high quality and top of the line experience keeping connected to the roots of its founders and former owners
  • The International STARZ Championship & only Worlds bid in the State of Washington.

Aloha Spirit Championships

  • Founded in 2001 by Tammy Van Vleet, Aloha Spirit is the ultimate destination event holding the Annual International Championships in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Teams from around the globe enjoy top tier competition and a trip that many cheerleaders and dancers will remember for a lifetime.
  • Additional cities were added to the Aloha menu to offer the Spirit of the Islands on the mainland in 2009. Teams and spectators show their Aloha Spirit at these events often dressing in Luau themed attire and enjoying games and promotions that are Hawaiian themed.
  • Aloha spirit extends above industry-standard customer service with many programs leaving feeling like part of the Ohana.
  • Based in Philomath, Oregon.

America's Best

  • Founded in 1994, America’s Best Championships is a national event producers committed to recognizing everyone who attends for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the sport.
  • Proud to provide multiple cost-effective options for athletes to showcase their talent.
  • America’s Best provides a coaches room at all events.
  • At America’s Best, your interactive emcee will keep families and spectators entertained while maintaining an on-time event experience.

The American Championships

  • Founded by Jim Thorp, American Championships offers 3 State events in Florida and over a dozen National competitions across the country including events in most major cities stretching from Anaheim, California to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
  • Events feature high energy production, first class warm-up areas with full size floors and double wide tumbling strips, elevated performance floor or elevated spectator seating at every location, state-of-the-art judging system featuring video replay, awards ceremonies with Olympic Style Awards stages, jackets for champions, and gifts for all competitors and coaches.
  • Based in Gainesville, Florida.

American Cheer Power

  • Founded by Regina Symons in 1985, Cheer Power now offers over 30 championships nationwide for teams and individuals.
  • $60,000 in Cash Awards and Scholarships with "Nation's Best"
  • Cheer Power administers three National Championships in the South, Northeast and West Coast and a step beyond nationals: the Tournament of Champions in the Southeast.
  • All Team and Individual National Champions in every age division and ability level win Jackets!

American Cheerleaders Association

  • ACA hosts their two day ACA Cheer Nationals in Fort Worth, TX. Participants will find our staff to be very friendly and dedicated to making the event a memorable and positive experience for all participants.
  • ACA is known for their fair scoring and customer service.

Athletic Championships

  • Founded by Mike Martinez in 2002, Athletic Championship is one of the largest providers of 2-day cheer and dance national competitions in the world
  • Proud to offer a stress free environment for everyone who attends. Our motto “Where Friends Come to Compete” rings true at all our events.
  • Bring your best athletes, your biggest fans, and your strongest performances to the most well-run events in the industry.
  • V!ROC Dance gives you access to the country's top dance choreographers, specializing in high school, all star, and college dance team routines.
  • Based in Knoxville, Tenn.

Champion Spirit Group

  • Champion Spirit Group was founded in 2005 by Mike Bolden, Amber Koster, and Julie Johnson. CSG hosts 20+ events throughout the Midwest through its family of brands, which include DanceFest and Allstar Championships.
  • CSG events feature a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. Our events always run on-time and our knowledgeable staff promotes fairness and sportsmanship. We always recognize every team, give parents a front-row view of their kids, and allow coaches the time and space necessary to get their athletes ready for the best performance ever.
  • Home to the “Green Hoodie”, one of the most coveted National Champion prizes.
  • Offer a variety of 1-day events, dance-only events, and 2-day National Championships.
  • Based in West Chicago, IL.

Cheer Ltd

  • Founded in 1988 by Gwen Holtsclaw, Cheer Ltd, has been pioneers and leaders in the cheerleading industry. They have introduced many innovative programs and events developed to meet the unique demands of those who are passionate about cheerleading.
  • Every year in March, Cheer Ltd. hosts the prestigious Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina hosting high school, college and All Star teams. During the fall and winter, Cheer Ltd holds regional events, which allow competitors to qualify for CANAM.
  • What helps set Cheer Ltd apart is the personalized attention, exceptional organization and extremely high degree of professionalism you find in every event and every program offered by Cheer Ltd.
  • Based in Fayetteville, NC


  • Founded in 2011 by Varsity All Star, Cheerlebrity provides the All Star cheerleading community with a completely original competition experience
  • Each team is judged by a traditional scoring panel of judges and a special Cheerlebrity panel, which will consist of well-known All Star coaches and choreographers from across the country. While your routines are being scored by our scoring judges, the Cheerlebrity judges provide a verbal critique of your routine
  • The concept was created by a group of industry experts, including Cheerlebrity Brand Manager Scott Foster
  • Based in Knoxville, Tenn.


  • Founded in 1993, CHEERSPORT began as an innovator of Levelplay, spring floors, and the Special Needs Division at all of its one-day events.
  • All of the one-day Grand Championship events have that Nationals feel without the hotel cost. Every event is hosted in a convention center or collegiate sports arena, with professional sound, lighting, staging, and ample warm-up time. Every competitor will walk away with a medal.
  • CHEERSPORT has been the largest Nationals event for 10 consecutive years through 2012. In 2013, teams traveled all across the Nation to compete at this event, representing thirty-nine states.
  • Based out of Matthews, N.C.

COA Cheer & Dance

  • COA Cheer & Dance has been providing quality cheer and dance competitions across the country for over 25 years.
  • COA is known for providing a variety of event types so that programs have the opportunity to experience multiple levels of competition throughout their season.
  • Among all of the awards that COA gives out at competitions, we are very proud to award our Excellence in Coaching award to coaches who show a deep commitment to their athletes.
  • COA Cheer & Dance has a long-standing history within the industry and it is not uncommon for coaches to bring their teams to events that they used to compete at when they were athletes!
  • Based in Louisville, KY

Coastal Cheer & Dance

  • Founded in 1999, Coastal is an east coast event producer that gives athletes the ultimate battlefield to showcase their talents.
  • Coastal remains a regional event producer in order to provide events specific to programs’ needs.
  • At Coastal events, you can expect an efficient, consistent experience from regional competitions all the way to our Battle at the Capital Nationals!
  • Based in Louisville, KY


  • Encore Championships produces 2-day and 1-day competitions around the country
  • The Performance Experience of a Lifetime
  • The Spotlight Awards includes live media playback of the awarded recipients shown on the Cinema Screen. A true Awards Ceremony including Best Stunt, Best Pyramid, Best Dance, Best Choreography, Best Male and Female Performance, and Encores Spotlight for Best Overall awarded to the highest scoring team with an instant replay of their routine for the crowd to see
  • Based in Knoxville, Tenn.

GLCC Events

  • Founded in 2001, GLCC Events is a national event producer who ROCKS the competition experience each weekend!
  • GLCC takes theming to a whole new level as each of our events has its own Rockin’ theme for athletes, spectators and coaches to get into the fun!
  • GLCC is known for Wild & Crazy fun during events – there is no down time at GLCC!
  • Looking for a different event to compete at? GLCC gives your athletes a competition experience wrapped up in a fun weekend!
  • Based in Louisville, KY

Golden State Spirit Association

  • Founded in 1999 by Tammy Van Vleet, GSSA started as the Coaches Association for California providing scholarship and performance opportunities for cheerleaders and dancers.
  • The GSSA Championships was the sixth company to give bids to the USASF World Championships by meeting the mission statement to provide performance opportunities to teams from California.
  • The then annual GSSA Coaches Conference was the model the USASF used to start the annual conference and now regional meetings.
  • GSSA has awarded over $100,000 in scholarships to cheerleaders and dancers.
  • GSSA hosts events in the western region and prides itself in offering above industry-standard customer service.
  • Based in Philomath, Oregon

The Groove Experience

  • Founded in 2010 by Cheryl Passalacqua and Sabrina Tull, The Groove Experience was created for All Star dancers to have a convention style competition. This Brand provides a high quality unique experience for dancers that include master classes, dance only judges, solo/duet/trio competition and Marley floor for the event.
  • Depending on the Tier of event you register for, your dancers will get master classes from some of the hottest dance talent in the industry.
  • Includes one and two-day championships
  • Based in Knoxville, Tenn.

JAMfest Events

  • Founded in 1995, JAMfest is an international event producer hosting events in the United States, England, Sweden, and Japan.
  • At the heart of it all, JAMfest is committed to a fun competition experience for athletes.
  • Perhaps the best known mascot in the industry, JAMMY makes an appearance at all events and is always excited to handout the JAMfest Spirit Award at all events.
  • Based in Louisville, KY

Just Dance

  • Born in 2013, Just Dance provides a studio-like dance experience for all dancers!
  • Just Dance is proud to provide appropriate flooring, dance specific judges, and a dance centric score sheet so that dancers have the best experience possible.
  • Just Dance events lead up to The Finale in Indianapolis with catwalk entrances, the Red Carpet Interview room, and our finalist show at the end of the competition.
  • Based in Louisville, KY

LIVE! Cheer & Dance Events

  • LIVE! is a product of JAMfest and takes pride in turning cheer and dance competitions upside down! Founded in 2007.
  • At LIVE! your athletes will be treated like the red carpet stars that they are with custom team entrance songs, an escorted red carpet walk, and awards for getting into the red carpet theme.
  • LIVE! allows for an efficient event experience because after a team competes, their scores are announced LIVE and teams who are in first get to run across the stage and chill in our LIVE! Leader Lounge.
  • LIVE! travels on a new tour each season so be sure to see if a LIVE! event is traveling to your town next!
  • Based in Louisville, KY

Mardi Gras Spirit Events

  • Founded in 1998 by Jeannine Sentilles of New Orleans, Louisiana, Mardi Gras Spirit Events truly is a competition experience like no other!
  • Our event krewe lets the good times roll by infusing the sights, sounds, & interactive style of their hometown New Orleans Mardi Gras culture into every cheer & dance competition held nationwide. Can’t get to NOLA? No worries because we bring Mardi Gras to you nationwide through music, décor, wacky games, costume contests & bead blasts where everyone is actively involved!
  • Gym families have the opportunity to build lasting camaraderie in our competitive yet stress free environment.
  • Coaches have the opportunity to learn and improve from each event through our experienced judges and our innovative 4 point video playback system.
  • Known for our exceptional customer service, on time organized events, and consistent 5 star rating of being fun, fair, friendly, affordable, & unforgettable!
  • Based in New Orleans, Louisiana

Mid Atlantic Championships

  • Acquired in 2016 by Tammy Van Vleet, the MAC features a west coast flare on the Atlantic seaboard.
  • Teams compete for various Worlds, US Finals and Summit bids during this action-packed weekend on the Jersey shore.
  • MAC is positioned to be a beach-front favorite among participants and spectators alike.
  • Based in Philomath, Oregon.

Nation’s Choice

  • Nation’s Choice was created in 2009, and currently hosts events throughout the Midwest.
  • Nation’s Choice events provide customers with the opportunity to customize their event experience by allowing them to choose their team award, individual athlete award, as well as their athlete gift. Teams are also allowed to forego their team and individual awards and make a donation to St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital instead.  The choice is always yours at Nation’s Choice!!
  • Offer specialty awards for Best Jumps, Best Stunts, Best Tumbling, and Best Choreography, as well as Craziest Fans and Outstanding Sportsmanship.
  • Includes 1-day and 2-day championships.
  • Based in West Chicago, IL.

One Up

  • Founded in 2002 by Cole Stott, One Up is known for its true Year End Nationals in the Music City, Nashville TN.
  • Interactive competition allows the crowd to follow with live scoring
  • Challenges coaches and athletes to “One Up” the competition this season
  • Based in Knoxville, Tenn.

Pac West

  • Pac West is credited for pioneering All Star competitive cheer in the Pacific Northwest. They are innovators in the industry known for starting the first All Star Cheer gym and the first Cheer and Dance Worlds bids in the region.
  • Originally based out of Vancouver, Washington

Spirit Cheer

  • Founded in 1998 by Mike Pare, Spirit Cheer began by creating "NBA Fun Days" for cheerleaders, awarding the top team at the day's competition the honor of performing as the half time entertainment for the NBA game.
  • Today Spirit Cheer is known for producing cost effective and fun cheerleading events for all ages and abilities around the country.
  • Recognized for innovative event production with the "Crazy Legs" stilt performers.
  • Based in Orlando, Florida.

Spirit Festival

  • Spirit Festival Nationals in Hartford, CT is recognized industry-wide all star’s one-of-a-kind festival of fun!
  • Connecticut’s 2-Day cheer & dance nationals that is fair, well organized & offers fun personal attention.
  • Based in Knoxville, Tenn.

Spirit Sports

  • Founded by James Speed and Shannon Smith, well-known cheerleading coaches, to provide a high-quality national championship experience at a reasonable price.
  • Two-day national championships across the country.
  • Based in Greer, South Carolina.

Spirit Xpress Cheerleading

  • Founded in 1992 by Don Collins, Spirit Xpress provides one-day, regional competitions primarily in North Carolina.
  • Competitions are economically priced and offer one performance only.
  • Based in Durham, North Carolina.

Universal Spirit

  • Founded by Adam Thomas, Universal Spirit's philosophy is to provide innovative and creative competitions that promote a positive experience for everyone involved.
  • One Day Events feature high energy production, first class warm-up area featuring full size floors and elevated performance floor. All winners receive a Champion Shirt and teams win Banners and Plaques or medals.
  • 2-Day National Championship – Spirit of Hope Nationals is dedicated to Hope Stout, a young cheerleader that lost her life to cancer. This National Championship is more than an amazing event, it is a way for cheerleaders to get involved in a wonderful cause.
  • Based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The U.S. Finals

  • The U.S. Finals is the largest end-of-the-season event series for cheer and dance teams.
  • Teams can end their season together at one of The U.S. Finals locations and then champions get judged again in our Champions Challenge round to find out who the best in the U.S. truly is.
  • The U.S. Finals is committed to providing the best event experience to end your season with and is happy to help teams celebrate an awesome season!
  • Based in Louisville, KY

World Spirit Federation

  • Founded in 2001, WSF produces innovative 1-Day and 2-Day Championships around the country
  • WSF pioneered the digital scoring system that set the standard for judging in our industry. This comprehensive, computerized scoring system is now utilized at All Star, College, and School events throughout Varsity Spirit Brands.
  • Atmosphere is always friendly, competitive and topped with world class service.
  • Our WSF All Star Championship in Louisville, Kentucky is one of the largest Nationals in the country, with more than 500 cheer and dance teams.
  • Based in Knoxville, Tenn.